“Life is a journey from naad to anaad—sound to eternal.”

There could be no better way to introduce VP Gupta’s philosophy of life. A patron of music and education, his calm demeanour is a result of his life experiences. His contributions to both these fields are commendable and enriching people’s lives.

As the driving force behind Bazm-e-Khas, his aim is to highlight the healing powers of Hindustani classical music. Having felt the transforming effects of music himself, he wants to spread this magic through various baithaks, hosting eminent musicians for soulful musical fiestas.

Rau’s IAS Study circle is another feather in VP Gupta’s cap, taking India's education standards to the next level. With this venture, he is bridging the gap between school and college education for students who are preparing for the civil services examinations. He yearns to fuse knowledge and values into a seamless experience for the best educational journey for students and teachers alike.

VP Gupta

"Our vision is to harness the potential of every human being, enabling them to become the best version of themselves. Whether it's through the healing powers of music via Bazm-e-Khas or the educational mentorship of Rau’s IAS Study Circle, we aim to help you achieve holistic wellbeing and satisfaction at every step of the way."

VP Gupta strongly believes that knowledge goes beyond the classroom and textbooks. Creativity, righteousness and courage are crucial for imbibing knowledge in its true sense. As an educator, he strives to guide his students on a righteous path by offering a holistic educational experience and bringing out the best in every pupil.

As a music aficionado, his goal is acquaint the world with the therapeutic powers of music. He has teamed up with a plethora of legendary musicians to present them on a digital platform, Bazm-e-Khas. With this venture, he wishes to spread the healing power of Hindustani classical music. Instead of playing for a disconcerted audience, these musical galas are open to only those who can understand music and feel the power of every note and percussion coursing through their veins—healing their mind, body and soul. As he puts it, “Every Tansen needs an Akbar”. Hence, he is creating a community of like-minded music enthusiasts to further his noble cause.